Ocean Blue

Established in 1982, today is the Brazilian company that invests the most in research of solutions for the quality andon maritime and offshore safety in Brazil, including the development of standards and guides consistent with the actual conditions of seas and rivers of the country.

With the technological evolution, which began with a record of reliable vessels,later becamean activity of risk analysis of the operation of vessels. Today the classification activity of vessels consists of: analysis and approval of projects of ships; and their materials and equipment; inspections starting from the materials and equipment on manufacturers till the construction in the shipyards and in inspections occasional repairs.

All the class certification is based on a publication called Rulebook of Classification, developed and main-tained by RBNA, which is a consolidation of engineering standards generally based on research, develop-ment and innovation.

Certified and classified vessels are included in the RBNA Register Book where the complete data of all vessels and floating units are published.