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Certification designation may mean Statutory Certification, country or government certification, or Industrial certification and certification of compliance with industry standards.

Statutory certification: assessment of compliance with the regulations of the State (the country). In Brazil, the regulation is made by the body in charge of safety of navigation in the country, the Brazil Navy, by its Directorate of Ports and Coasts-DPC. RBNA Delegation Agreement with DPC to act on behalf of the govern-ment to assess compliance and issue statutory certificates on behalf of the government of Brazil.

RBNA issues, for ocean navigation, the following Statutory Certificates: Certificates according the Interna-tional Maritime Organization,-IMO;: SOLAS: Safety Construction,: Safety Equipment, SafetyRadio; MARPOL: Pollution Prevention Certificate for oil, for sewage, for waste, air; OTHERS: International Safety Manage-ment, ISM; International Security Prevention, ISPS; Pollution by anti-fouling paint.

Industrial Certification: verification of compliance with industry standards, according to the nature and appli-cation of materials and equipment. This gives reliability to customers and investors that the products are in the updated levels of quality.