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Classifiy means assigning a mention to the ships that meet the requirements of RBNA Rulebook, that is, ensure the compliance.

The benefit is safety during operation of the ship and its equipment, thus preventing risks to avoid accidents and failures, with recognition of insurers in the assessment of prices and even discontinuities of contract (lost profits).

With the technological evolution, that which began with a record of reliable vessels, became to be an activity of risk analysis of the operation of vessels. Today the ship classification activity consists of: analysis and approval of projects of ships and of their equipment and materials; from inspections on manufacturers of the materials and equipment till the construction in the shipyards and on eventual repairs.

The whole class certification is based on a publication called Rulebook of Classification, developed and maintained by it, which is a consolidation of engineering standards generally based on research, development and innovation.

The class certification is made from the assessment of compliance with the Rulebook during construction and inspections made periodically during the life of the ship.

With rules for open sea and inland navigation, the classification also has special volumes for offshore support vessels, wood ships and other segments.