Ocean Blue

The RBNA operates in the naval and industrial areas exercising its activities through analysis of projects and conformity assessment surveys , in accordance with national and international regulations and with its own rules.

The Rules and Regulations define quality of standards that ensure the performance and the robustness of classified vessels; the safety of navigation and of the life at sea ; no harmfulness to the environment ; and the effectiveness of the vessel to meet the purposes for which it is intended.

In order to maintain the standard of quality of ships classified during its lifetime and of companies sanctioned by RBNA , the rules define time intervals to perform periodic inspections without which the certificates will expire

In the diversity of the services offered by RBNA, it is included ship classifications and statutory certifications, for new building and for existent ships, on sea going and sheltered water navigation; material and equipment classifications; industrial classifications, approval of business co-participants; procedure approvals; product type approval, welder qualifications; ISM and ISPS Code audits; condition surveys; and appraisal inspections.